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Saturday Mornings are normally my happy place. I sleep in, wake up, make myself a huge cup of delicious bulletproof coffee with delicious frothiness added to the top. Today, it has been a wild morning to say the least. Woke up feeling tired, sore and emotional. Hello there Shark Week! Why must you mess with my hormones and make me want to cry?! I’m both happy and sad that my third and last baby is getting so big. I am no longer breastfeeding her as of two weeks ago and it has been harder on me than it has been on her, I’m a ball of emotions, she’s 18 months and I can’t help to feel she’s just growing up too soon. Last night while laying in bed with her watching the movie CoCo, I said to her “I love you” and she responded in the sweetest little tiny voice “mom, I love you.” I instantly started crying like a baby, all happy tears of course but it was such a bittersweet moment. Perhaps she doesn’t know what that even means but the fact that she repeated it was enough to fill my heart with so much happiness.

I remember being a kid and always hearing my mom and aunts talking about how time flies. I never understood that, if anything I felt like that was not true, everything took forever as a kid. Now as an adult and a mama I not only understand but I feel the desperation of wanting time to slow down. Seeing my children grow up so quickly and my baby becoming more and more independent makes me happy and sad at the same time. Mom Life is Hard, but it’s also so rewarding, having your tiny little humans love you so much for simply being you is is an indescribable feeling. As much as I wish time would slow down, I know that will not happen, instead I’ll focus on spending more quality time with my littles, taking a lot of pictures of them and with them, simply making memories. I will try to embrace the idea of them growing up and becoming more independent, while always reminding them of how much I love them.